Health Benefits: Bananas

Bananas are one of the most consumed fruits on Earth, and this is no surprise. With their delicious flavor and high amount of nutrients, most people say bananas are their favorite fruit. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and many other nutrients. One banana contains only about 105 calories! Not only is it super healthy but it will give you all nutrition values you need in your body. Bananas are not only high on antioxidants and nutrients, but they are very convenient to eat and enjoy as a snack!

Top Five Benefits of Eating Bananas

#1 Potassium!

With incredibly high amounts of potassium, bananas have lots of health benefits you would never think about. Potassium has lots of health benefits for your body.

Here are just a few:

– Help in weight loss
– Lowers risk of heart attack or stroke
– Prevents kidney stones
– Helps your bones become stronger

#2 Increases your amount of energy!

Bananas are an excellent way to get your day started. Nowadays, energy drinks, sports drinks, and energy bars are extremely popular, but can also be very harmful for your body. Bananas, not only contain high amounts of energy but they are 100% natural and beneficial for your body.

#3 Help improve your digestion!

Bananas are a great source of fiber and fiber is ideal for an excellent digestion. Eating a banana each day will help you digest better, allowing your body to reduce swelling and even lose some weight if necessary! Bananas are also rich in an element called “fructo-oligosaccharides”. This helps absorb nutrients more efficiently, making your body healthier.

#4 Cure heartburn!

Bananas are a fast and excellent way to cure heartburns. With high levels of fiber, bananas help you prevent reflux that cause the pain. When you eat a banana each day, the chances of this diminish as well as the chances of getting ulcers.

#5 Help improve your mood and reduce stress!

Many of us have different reasons to feel down or stressed, but with the help of bananas this will not be an issue anymore. Bananas contain amino acid which your body converts to serotonin. Increased amounts of serotonin level help improve your mood, reduce stress, and therefore be happy!

Other Amazing Reasons to Eat Bananas

– They protect against type II diabetes

– They strengthen the nervous system

– Bananas also help with the production of white blood cells

– Bananas are high in potassium and low in salt, because of this they help lower blood pressure and protect
against heart attack and stroke.

– Eating bananas will help prevent kidney cancer

– Bananas make you smarter! They help with learning by making you more alert.

– Eating a banana can lower the body temperature and cool you during a fever or on a hot day.

– If you are constipated eat a banana to help you feel better

– Excellent hangover cure

– Helps skin care

– Bananas strengthen your blood and relieve anemia

– Bananas also produce digestive enzymes to assist in absorbing nutrients.

They are not only delicious, but they will make you have an awesome day by making you feel and look better.

Have you had a banana today? Go buy some and enjoy your day!

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