Authentic Malibu Organic: One Gun Ranch

PC Greens & One Gun Ranch: Malibu Organic’s Finest

At Pacific Coast Greens we pride ourselves in having natural food that doesn’t compromise taste. There is a reason why we always have so many options for healthy food that tastes amazing. We have an all-star lineup of hot food bar items, as well as an impressive amount of fresh, natural produce options. We understand Malibu organic at its core, and that is because many of our in store products actually do come from Malibu.

One Gun Ranch in Malibu is essentially a magical place in terms of produce. We are closely partnered with them because just as we understand Malibu organic, so do they. Many different items in our produce section come directly from One Gun Ranch. One Gun Ranch is located in the beautiful hills of Malibu, with ocean views galore. One Gun Ranch is dedicated to making their 11 acre land a great tool for the Malibu area, as they are devoted to being a sustainable food source for the Malibu area.

Why One Gun Ranch is Different

One Gun Ranch has a great philosophy and approach when it comes to organic foods. There is an old, cliche saying that everybody believes to be generally true: “you are what you eat.” One Gun Ranch takes that philosophy one step further, they believe that “you are what you eat eats”. It sounds confusing, but essentially what makes One Gun Ranch the leader in authenticity when it comes to Malibu organic produce, its the fact that they pay attention and take great care when it comes to what the plants they grow are eating. They pride themselves in what they believe to be is super(ior) soil. Their super(ior) soil is a compost that they make completely in-house. They grow all of their own produce, in their own compost. Their compost is made through a bio dynamic process, so the soil is enriched with protective properties in order to grow the plants in the best possible environment.

One Gun Ranch Educates

Malibu organic is something that One Gun Ranch doesn’t want to keep only for themselves. They consistently are letting schools come in for free tours, including high schools and universities so that they can spread the awareness and teach others on how to grow their own plants and foods in raised beds in their own homes. One Gun Ranch sincerely cares about how Malibu does organic. They are here to educate and to be a great sustainable source of natural foods for the entire Malibu area. One Gun Ranch understands the importance of sustainable agriculture, and they are all about promoting being outdoors. They don’t only promote sustainable food growth, but being outdoors in general and being able to unplug and connect with the real world around us.

PC Greens

We at PC Greens understand the importance of natural foods, and we acknowledge and admire One Gun Ranch for having the same mindset and that is why we partner with them! Natural foods don’t have to taste bad, we understand that and that is why we do our best every day to bring you the highest quality food in the most natural process possible.



Easy Vegetarian Recipes for a Paleo Lifestyle

Mark your calendars down for this Friday, May 18 from 11:00-3:00PM because Lauren Lobley is coming to Pacific Coast Greens in Malibu. Lauren Lobley is going to be here to promote her new book: The Accidental Paleo – Easy Vegetarian Recipes for a Paleo Lifestyle. If you are like most of us that care about having a healthy lifestyle while being environmentally conscious, you would be a big fan of Lauren Lobley. Lauren shares her own experiences in vegetarian cooking in her new book, and discloses recipes that she personally developed over the past 10 years.


Lauren Lobley shares vegetarian cooking in new book: The Accidental Paleo

Lauren is originally from Montreal, Canada and now she is currently living in the Los Angeles area. She was originally brought up with the “Standard American Diet”, but eventually decided to pursue a plant-based, gluten free diet in 2010. It was after a trip to Los Angeles that made her fall in love with the lifestyle. Lauren spent most of the time discovering farmers markets, the outdoor living and the different cookings of many of her Californian friends. She explains that it was after watching a documentary on the meat industry that made her decide to go vegetarian. 

Lauren was inspired by the transformative power of food after she started inviting her coworkers to her house and cooking for them. She continued to cook for her coworkers and friends and eventually decided to pursue Culinary school. It was during culinary school and while Lauren was working at a bakery she realized she needed to get rid of sugar in her life. In her own words, healthy eating means eating what makes you feel good. Lauren explains in The Accidental Paleo that her love hate relationship with sugar has led her to realize that healthy cooking can be fun and interesting too. 


Lauren is coming to Pacific Coast Greens on Friday to promote her new book – The Accidental Paleo. In this book, Lauren shares some of her own vegetarian cooking experiments she has had over the years, she also shares tips and techniques in the kitchen, from how to organize your kitchen to how to pick the best ingredients to put in your food. Along with her new books, Lauren will also demonstrate some of her dishes and there will be opportunities for you to try her amazing vegetarian cooking.

So if you are in Malibu on Friday, please come to Pacific Coast Greens from 11AM to 3PM to meet Lauren and learn about her vegetarian cooking. If you are not able to make it that time, Pacific Coast Greens is going to be carrying her book and some products at the store. For more information, visit Lauren’s website at to follow her journey!