Wine and Beer

We feature Local wines from Malibu Vineyards, Malibu Solstice, Topanga Vineyards, Dolin Estate Vineyards, Sage Hill, Colcanyon Wines and Malibu Rocky Oaks.

Sustainable: Sustainable Agriculture seeks to tread lightly on nature, not depleting earth’s resourses, so that future generations can continue to farm. Practitioners view soil as a living organism to be fed and enriched. In-row cultivation is encouraged and cover crop biodiversity is mandated. Tractors are to be used sparingly, using biodiesel when possible. While chemicals are technically allowed, sustainable farmers only use synthetic material as a last resort.

Organic: With the adoption of the National Organic Standards by the USDA, organic has become a legal term, with certification a rigorous process requiring three years.

Some farm organically, ignoring certification. No fungicides, No Herbicides, No Pesticides. Only OMRI (organic certified material) are used for disease control and fertilization. Tractors are used when needed.

Biodynamic: Biodynamic takes organic to another level, seeing the vineyard as a living organism. The soil is the underground part of the universe, with its own life and cosmic force with emphasis on building humus thru compost and biodynamic sprays. Disease, weed control, fertilization are the same as organics but other biodynamic preparations, such as, compost, cover crops, and tea sprays are needed. Horse-drawn tractors are the ideal.

Thanksgiving Dinner Pairing Wines

Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Chateau Leoube La Londe Rose 2015

Westwood Syrah 2014

Saint Joseph Poiure Et Sol (French Syrah) 2013

Dolin Malibu Pinot Noir

Louis Roerder Cristal Brut and Rose Champagne

Dom Perignon Champagne

and Many More Also Ask for Our Private Selection Book of Wines